Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Introducing - the "Stick Person"

This is an important one. I will keep referring to this particular blog-post because it is critical to understand the basics before we build on them. Bob Proctor often says, the stick-person may look like a cute idea, but the more we study it , the more it turns into a genie and the more it will radically bring order to our mind.

The idea behind the stick-person concept is that in our mind, we think in images. Think now of a bag. you're not dealing with "B-A-G", you're probably seeing an image of a bag on the screen of your mind. Think of a leaf. Again, an image of a leaf flashes on the screen of your mind. Fine. Now , think of your mind. Don't be surprised if you either get an image of a brain, or nothing at all. However, your brain isn't your mind, any more than your finger-nail is. When there is no image, or an ineffective image, chaos and confusion sets in. In other words, we don't know how to implement what we are learning through all those self-development books we read and the million seminars we attend.

The stick person concept builds a model for the mind. This image removes the confusion and brings order, so that you can work with your mind. An example of the stick person is shown below. The upper circle represents the mind. This is divided into the upper conscious mind and lower subconscious mind. The lower circle represents the body.

The conscious mind is the intellectual part of your personality. It is the thinking and analyzing part of your personality. Your senses are hooked up to your conscious mind, shown as tiny antennae in the figure. They bring in tons of information from the books you read, the people you associate with, the media etc. The conscious mind can accept or reject any idea. Ideally, we should question everything we hear or find out and ask if that information is useful for us and whether we want to accept or reject it. We rarely do that, we tend to accept most of what we hear without thinking. The conscious mind can also originate ideas. We do this through the use of our 6 creative intellectual faculties, ( imagination, intuition , will, memory, reason & perception) which we will discuss in further posts.

The subconscious mind is the emotional part of our personality. Any information that we impress upon our conscious mind over and over again , enters the sub-conscious mind and is deposited inside the treasury of the subconscious personality. This part of our mind has perfect memory and remembers everything that we have ever encountered. The subconscious mind cannot reject any idea, it must accept what is impressed upon it. It doesn't matter if we impress thoughts of depression, doom and gloom or abundance and freedom, it just soaks it in. It then expresses itself through the body in the form of vibrations. 
The conscious awareness of the vibration we are in, is called feeling. The language of the subconscious mind is feelings. Whenever we feel happy, sad or angry it is our subconscious mind expressing itself. is wide open and absorbing everything we say and do. 

The body is the physical part of our personality. The body is an instrument of our mind. It is constantly in a state of vibration, although we cannot see this with the naked eye. The vibration we are in is dictated by the thoughts we choose to impress repeatedly on the sub-conscious mind , and the thoughts already stored in our sub-conscious mind. All our past programming (paradigm) resides in the subconscious mind. So unless we impress our conscious mind with information like this over and over again, (so that it enters our subconscious mind) our past programming does (and will continue to) control our actions to an enormous degree unless they are replaced with supportive paradigms through conscious thought.

Understanding this stick-figure helps to really integrate the stuff we learn about the conscious mind subconscious mind and the body. Our thoughts, become our feelings, which become our actions , leading to our results. Every time you read or learn about the mind, imagine yourself as the stick person. Let your head represent your mind and from the neck down represent your body. Let the upper half of your head stand for the conscious mind and the lower half for the subconscious. Indeed, the stick person can be used for a better understanding of any self-help literature because all of them deal with the mind at some level.


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  2. Bob Proctor where the fuck were you all this time you have no idea where my subconscious has taken me have destroyed me all these fucking years I was thinking that I was controlled by buy two persons one in my mind and one is in the living live with me all this time I wish you I have read this article long time ago I would have been a lot of changes in my life this is so real so serious cuz whatever we put in there projector self when will react up on it and we will react so fast not knowing what the hell just happened how we felt what we felt I hope you understand what I just told you but I love your work and I'm willing to read your book you're born rich Think and Grow Rich from Napoleon Hill thank you for the tremendous work you have done Tim going forward because you have changing a lot of life

  3. Thank you for the beautiful information as I was reading I was thinking and looking at my results and I was just laughing what are the some of the thoughts I was putting my head it was just insane I had would never known it wasn't for you thank you Bob thank you Willie very much

  4. I can't believe this useful knowledge and you only have three comments you should have billion comments on this particular article or program I love your work I hope one day I can see you I live in Hamilton Ontario Canada if you ever come by here it's not that far from Toronto I know you are live in Toronto please call me 289-689-1644 or send me your number if I can meet with you I love your work Bob God bless you